A Breakthrough in Marine Energy Technology

    Minesto, a leader in ocean energy, has just achieved a major milestone. They’ve completed the manufacturing and functional testing of the connection system for the 1.2-Megawatt power plant known as Dragon 12. This groundbreaking system, featuring a click-and-connect mechanism, is set to improve how quickly marine energy systems are put in place and taken out for installation.

    Scaling up 

    The connection system for Dragon 12 represents an upscale and further improvement of Minesto’s unique and proven LARS (Launch & Recovery System) technology. Minesto has been improving this method since 2020. The system is remotely controlled and managed from the surface, with the LARS tool being lowered to connect with the female socket on the foundation. These connections, known as the “bottom joint,” transfer electricity, data, and tension forces. This process is cost effective and safe, monitored by cameras on the frame, removing the requirement for divers or remote-controlled vehicles.

    The unique technology

    Minesto’s technology is quite remarkable in how it generates electricity. It operates by harnessing the energy from tidal streams and ocean currents, employing a patented principle that somewhat looks like a kite being flown in the wind. The system’s “wing” uses the push from the underwater current to move, like steering a “kite” in a eight path. This movement propels the turbine through the water at a flow rate several times higher than the actual stream speed. As the turbine spins, it powers a generator that produces electricity. This electricity is sent to homes and businesses through a cable in the water and a connection on the seabed that goes to the shore.

    Minesto is at the forefront of marine energy technology, aiming to reduce the global carbon footprint of the energy sector by enabling predictable commercial electricity production from the ocean. Their award-winning and patented product is the only verified marine power plant capable of cost-effectively harnessing renewable energy from slow ocean and tidal currents.

    An significant investment in marine energy

    With more than €40 million in development funding from entities such as the European Regional Development Fund, European Innovation Council, and InnoEnergy, Minesto represents the European Union’s largest investment in marine energy. Founded in 2007, Minesto operates in Sweden, the Faroe Islands, Wales, Northern Ireland, and Taiwan, with BGA Invest and Corespring New Technology as its primary shareholders. 

    This advancement in connection technology is a big step toward achieving Minesto’s goal of making marine energy a key part of clean and sustainable power production.

    David Zingmark
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