Adverty develops and launches Industry-First Programmatic VAST Video for In-Play advertising

    Adverty, the leading in-game advertising provider and multi-patent-holding creator of the programmatic In-Play ad format, continues to push the boundaries of immersive in-game brand experiences with a groundbreaking industry first: Programmatic VAST Video for In-Play. Building on its track record of innovation and expertise in delivering seamless, unobtrusive ads within the gaming environment, Adverty once again takes the industry’s center stage with this latest product launch, available for game publishers and advertisers now.

    Since its inception in 2016, Adverty has consistently pioneered and redefined the way advertisers engage with audiences in the gaming ecosystem. Now, with the introduction of programmatic VAST video (Video Ad Serving Template, a specification defined and released by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB)) support for In-Play, Adverty is poised to revolutionize the industry once again, enhancing the ability for brands to connect with gamers through true and genuine video advertisements on a global scale.

    In-Play advertising, an in-game ad format and platform Adverty invented in 2016 and now has multi-patented in the US, allows advertisers to seamlessly integrate their brand messages within the gaming experience, ensuring a natural and non-disruptive communication with players. With programmatic video now available for In-Play through Adverty’s proprietary platform, this experience reaches new heights, offering advertisers unparalleled opportunities to captivate and engage with audiences in real-time all over the world.

    “We are thrilled to unveil programmatic VAST video for In-Play, marking another significant milestone for Adverty and the advertising industry as a whole”, explains Jonas Söderqvist, CEO at Adverty. “This launch underscores our commitment to innovation and our dedication to providing advertisers with the most effective, immersive, and brand safe solution to engage with the massive global gaming audience.”

    Only in the US, programmatic video ad spend will grow $22.51 billion between 2023 and 2025, a 30.2% increase, according to a forecast by eMarketer. In 2022, programmatic video surpassed non-video ad spend in the US for the first time, reaching $64.17 billion compared to $58.14 billion for non-video. According to eMarketer, most US programmatic video ad spend will go to mobile in 2023 and beyond, representing 63.5% of the category’s total spend [1].

    “Adding programmatic video to our In-Play ad units will be a complete game changer for the industry, and for Adverty, and will enable a new, significant revenue opportunity for us”, continues Söderqvist.

    The launch of programmatic VAST video for In-Play solidifies Adverty’s position as an industry leader in in-game advertising, empowering brands to connect with gamers in meaningful and unique ways and game publishers to maximize their monetization potential, in a current climate where game engine fees are increasing [2] and tracking limitations due to device privacy changes make user acquisition harder and more expensive than ever [3].




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    Adverty AB (publ)
    Adverty, den ledande plattformen för in-game annonsering, sammanför varumärken och människor genom spektakulära In-Play™ annonser, utifrån sin revolutionerande och patenterade teknik byggd för VR/AR- och mobilspel. Plattformen levererar programmatisk video- och displayannonsering till spel över hela världen och låter kreatörer monetärisera den fullständiga spelupplevelsen med icke-påträngande, lättintegrerade, immersiva annonser. Adverty är grundat 2016 med kontor i Stockholm, London, Istanbul och Lviv.

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