Agtira’s Milestone Agreement with One of Sweden’s Largest Grocery Retailer

    Agtira AB has recently secured a 10-year contract with Lidl Sverige, a major move towards supplying cucumbers to all Lidl stores in Sweden. This agreement marks Agtira’s first major collaboration with a nationwide retail chain, highlighting the commitment for sustainable and high-quality food production.

    Key Points:

    • Agtira signs a 10-year deal with Lidl Sverige, its first with a national retail chain.
    • The agreement involves building a large, sustainable Farming-as-a-Service facility.
    • Local production focus: Lidl Sverige’s commitment to Swedish self-sufficiency aligns with Agtira’s sustainable production goals.
    • This collaboration significantly boosts Agtira’s presence in the Swedish market.
    • Leadership commitment: Agtira’s CEO and Lidl’s director emphasize their commitment to high-quality, Swedish-produced goods.
    • Stock exchange: First North Stockholm
    • Stock ticker symbol: ‘AGTIRA B’


    For further information, read the full announcement here: 

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