Ahum: Swedish Digital Platform Raises 15M SEK for Mental Health Expansion

    The Swedish digital psychology platform Ahum has successfully secured a funding of 15 million SEK for its continued expansion within Sweden and its establishment internationally. Ahum, a prominent player in the field of mental health, aims to become one of the leading names in Europe. The newly acquired capital will be used to further expand its presence in Sweden, establish a presence beyond its borders, and continue the development of its product with a strong focus on generative AI.

    The mental health market is vast and rapidly growing. Ahum recognizes the potential to make this market easily accessible, reliable, and a platform that allows people to flourish and achieve their full potential. Tom Nyman, who led the funding round through his company Tom Nyman Holding AB, emphasized the importance of offering a digital product with strong matching capabilities, highly qualified psychologists, and generative AI to make a real difference in people’s lives.

    Mental health is a growing challenge in today’s society. Ahum has positioned itself strongly in this market with its advanced product and skilled psychologists. Allireza Ghahremani, CEO of Ahum, points out that mental health issues usually do not arise suddenly but develop gradually. Effective intervention programs that reduce stress and strengthen people’s ability to cope with difficulties can make a significant difference. Ahum has developed a groundbreaking process that breaks down the stigma surrounding mental health and encourages over 25 percent of users to engage with their services.

    In workplaces, it is common for mental health issues to be ignored until they reach critical levels. Ahum addresses this challenge by continuously investing in innovative methods that help employers visualize and understand the issues surrounding mental health. This progressive solution, supported by data-driven work, enables challenges to be addressed early and efficiently.

    Ahum has already established itself in the market with 50 corporate customers and a total of 18,000 employees. Their app offers employees assistance with everything from stress management to procrastination. The app also includes health screenings to identify challenges at an early stage, both for entire companies and individual teams. For those in need of treatment, therapy sessions are offered with one of Ahum’s 140 therapists, as well as online therapy with support from a therapist.

    Ahum’s successes and innovations in the field of mental health position them well to continue making a positive impact in people’s lives, both nationally and internationally. With a focus on technology and qualified experts, Ahum is shaping the future of mental healthcare.

    David Zingmark
    I'm a passionate individual dedicated to shining a spotlight on incredible companies. My goal is is to uncover stories by telling the most complex operations into simplified words, empowering you as a reader to gain better insights and make informed investment and/or business choices.

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