Cantargia Unveils New Data Enhancing Cancer Treatment Potential

    Cantargia has revealed promising clinical and preclinical results for nadunolimab (CAN04), potentially revolutionizing combination cancer therapy. The new findings highlight nadunolimab’s ability to ease chemotherapy-induced neuropathy and counteract tumor-promoting signals from Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs).

    Key points:

    • Nadunolimab shows promise in reducing chemotherapy-induced neuropathy, a common and severe side effect of cancer treatment.
    • The treatment effectively opposes tumor-promoting signals induced by ADCs, offering a novel approach to cancer therapy.
    • These findings suggest nadunolimab can improve the effectiveness of standard chemotherapies and ADCs, broadening its application in oncology.
    • Cantargia plans to present these groundbreaking results at scientific conferences in 2024, indicating a robust pipeline of research and development.
    • Stock ticker symbol: ‘CANTA’
    • Stock exchange: Stockholm Stock Exchange


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