Terranet Achieves Breakthrough in Driver Assistance Systems with Successful BlincVision Tests

    Terranet AB (publ) has successfully conducted tests of its driver assistance system, BlincVision, at the AstaZero test facility, demonstrating significant potential for improving road safety. Innovation in testing In collaboration with AstaZero, an independent test facility approved by Euro NCAP, Terranet has developed new testing methods for advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS). The testing environment at AstaZero is unique for its variety of traffic settings, which allows...

    Real Heart Advances Artificial Heart Development with Successful Preclinical Trial

    Scandinavian Real Heart (publ) has announced successful outcomes from another preclinical trial of its Realheart® TAH artificial heart, moving closer to the first human clinical trial. Key outcomes The latest trial results demonstrated that the Realheart® TAH could effectively replicate good heart function with minimal impact on blood, exceeding the survival times of previous tests. This innovation features a design with two atria and two ventricles,...

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