Coloreel’s Two Million Dollar Deal to Revolutionize Embroidery

    In a significant industry development, Coloreel just announced a partnership with a prominent Asian manufacturer, with a contract valued at a remarkable two million dollars from a press release this morning. 

    Coloreel’s innovative technology

    Based in Sweden, Coloreel has been using its groundbreaking technology to quietly change the way we do embroidery. Their innovation allows manufacturers to transform a plain white thread into an astonishing spectrum of colors, all in real-time. But it doesn’t stop there – this innovation also streamlines production through digital processes and automation, while delivering water savings of up to 97% when compared to traditional thread dyeing methods.

    This strategic partnership underscores the growing need for innovative and sustainable solutions across the global manufacturing and brand landscape. While initial delivery of the cutting-edge digital thread-dying units is set for this October, the bulk of the volume will be dispatched throughout 2024.

    CEO’s vision

    Torbjörn Bäck, the CEO of Coloreel, remarked, “We are thrilled about this partnership and eagerly anticipate collaborating to produce high-quality products utilizing our patented technology. This agreement serves as evidence that our offering can play a crucial role in making mass production in the fashion industry more sustainable, while also providing tremendous opportunities for design and creativity,”

    Coloreel’s embroidery revolution

    Coloreel, a Swedish textile innovation brand, has introduced an unparalleled technology to the world of embroidery. This innovative approach empowers manufacturers to produce stunning designs with intricate gradients, textures, and other captivating effects using just a single thread and needle. This not only enhances the quality and efficiency of production but also offers a swift start-up and faster delivery process. In alignment with global efforts to reduce waste and promote sustainability in the textile industry, Coloreel is actively contributing to the cause.

    By coloring the thread directly, their technology eliminates wastewater, thereby preventing water pollution. Additionally, the use of a single reel of thread and needle minimizes thread waste and reduces microfiber pollution, further demonstrating their commitment to eco-conscious manufacturing practices.

    David Zingmark
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