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    Sattelite, a powerful Content Distribution Platform, we put you just one call away from spreading the word about your product or service. Are you a startup or a growing company seeking attention from potential clients, partners, journalists or investors? You deserve that attention, and Sattelite is here to help. Whether you're targeting new customers or potential investors, we serve as your megaphone, amplifying your message to reach wider audiences. Let Sattelite be your distributor to the European market.

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    We've partnered with some of the leading magazines in order to distribute your content

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    The search for exciting companies with real potential often feels like navigating a maze, right? At Sattelite, we understand the struggle, that's why we've created a comprehensive solution: Our Content Distribution Platform serves as the bridge between innovative startups and scaleups, as well as small-cap listed companies, connecting them with new clients, journalists, partners, and investors. Empowering businesses to expand their reach and achieve their goals. Our Content Distribution Platform offers a complete package for content distribution, providing you with unparalleled access to valuable insights and opportunities. With a growing database of 40,000 individuals, we've established ourselves as the go-to resource for uncovering the next big thing.

    Reach out today to schedule a meeting and explore how we can promote your business to our engaged audience. Together, let's unlock new possibilities and propel your success forward.

    Distribution Network

    Every day, journalists from local and global magazines visit Sattelite to explore and discover the next big thing, making it highly likely that they will pick up your news and story for publication in their magazines.

    Tailored Articles

    We write articles about you and your business to appeal to current and potential stakeholders. With SEO-optimized backlinks and clear language, it increases the chance of reaching our distribution network and social media.


    With a network of over 40,000 potential investors, customers, and other stakeholders actively searching for interesting companies to learn more about every day, we know that what we send them will be highly appreciated!

    Daily Selection

    "Daily Selection" is a selection of the hottest news from the week or month, where your highlighted news will be sent to our existing audience of 40k people who are looking for new exciting businesses to either cooperate with, buy from or invest in.


    Your company will be featured with banner ads on our website, where investors visit daily to discover intriguing businesses and news. This ensures your company gets noticed and easily accessible for further exploration.


    Ready to highlight the key values crucial for future investors? Our video service showcases your ambitions and visions, proven to attract more investors. We handle everything: filming, production, and editing - ensuring your video meets your exact needs.

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    We're your megaphone to an audience of 40,000 eager minds, each craving the unique insights you bring. Your press releases will echo through our platform, resonating on our vibrant social channels, and reaching corners of Europe you've yet to explore.

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    Your newsroom isn't just a corner of the internet; it's your personal stage. Here, you're not just sharing updates; you're weaving a narrative that defines your essence, your purpose, and your dreams. After all, who better to narrate your journey than you?


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    Curiosity fuels us all. Every single day, readers flock to our platform, seeking the stories that awaken their curiosity, broaden their horizons, and spark their next big idea. Your news isn't just information; it's an invitation to be part of a bigger story.

    Let’s make some noise

    Sattelite goes beyond the ordinary and offers a powerful distribution tool to launch your brand into the spotlight. Our full set empowers you not just to be seen, but to make a resonant impact. Whether it's the visual of attractive banners, compelling storytelling of PR or precise email targeting, we’ve got your back.

    We bring experience to the table, it’s that simple. With a skilled team creating impactful strategies that make a big difference, we understand how it all comes together. Not only that, but with our extensive database of 40.000 active subscribers we guarantee that your message will reach the right audience, ensuring your efforts don’t go to waste.

    The next step is in your hands. You can book an appointment with us for a personalized consultation, tailored to your unique requirements. Alternatively, if you're ready to dive in, (click here) to fill out a form and kickstart your journey towards enhanced brand visibility and influence.