Cannabinoid-Based Solution Earns Patent for Wound Healing Breakthrough

    CS Medica has achieved a significant breakthrough by obtaining a patent for its Wound Gel from the Danish Patent and Trademark Office, marking the third patent awarded to the company within a year. The patented Wound Gel, part of the CANNASEN® product line, offers an advanced healing solution for minor wounds.

    Key points:

    • The Wound Gel’s patent solidifies CS Medica’s role as a frontrunner in cannabinoid healthcare solutions.
    • Reflects the company’s research and development, with more patent-pending treatments in the pipeline.
    • The CANNASEN® Wound Gel is a testament to CS Medica’s dedication to providing accessible, effective healthcare products.
    • Lone Henriksen, the CEO, views this patent as a validation of CS Medica’s direction towards delivering innovative, alternative healthcare solutions worldwide.
    • Stock exchange: Spotlight Stock Market
    • Stock ticker symbol: ‘CSMED’

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