Exploring Spain’s 10 Forward-Looking FoodTech Startups for 2023 and Beyond

    In recent times, Spain’s agri-food startup sector has experienced a dynamic surge, welcoming a wave of inventive minds and pioneers into the realm of food technology.

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    Beyond its renowned strides in alternative protein development, Spain’s FoodTech breakthroughs span an impressive spectrum of technological domains, including biotechnology, robotics, blockchain, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data. By ingeniously integrating these cutting-edge advancements, Spain’s FoodTech ecosystem rises to the challenge of addressing sustainability concerns plaguing the agri-food industry.

    This week, we delve into the depths of Spain’s inventive FoodTech startups, showcasing 10 exceptionally promising ventures within this sphere, all of which have emerged between 2018 and 2023.

    • Olistic: A Farewell to Hair Loss Woes

    Olistic, a revolutionary enterprise headquartered in Barcelona that has reimagined the relationship between well-being, lifestyle, and hair health. This startup takes an all-encompassing approach, ingeniously targeting the six root causes of hair loss concurrently, using exclusively natural and vegan ingredients. With scientifically validated solutions, Olistic empowers individuals on their hair restoration journey, championing hair growth and offering an unprecedented level of comprehensive hair care. Established in 2020, Olistic’s unwavering commitment to innovation, advancement, and personal welfare has attracted an impressive €6 million in funding, positioning it at the forefront of the industry.

    • Libre Foods: Pioneering Transformation in the Culinary Landscape

    Hailing from Barcelona, Libre Foods is a catalyst for change in the culinary domain. By harnessing the potent potential of fungi and biomass fermentation, Libre Foods is revolutionizing the very concept of sustainable food alternatives. Their standout creation, Libre Bacon, meticulously crafted using natural ingredients, including mushrooms, has rapidly gained traction within eateries and is poised to conquer households. Grounded in a vision of a just and sustainable future, Libre Foods is reshaping norms and igniting transformation across the industry. Since its establishment in 2020, the startup has secured over €2.5 million in funding, fueling its voyage toward a delectable and environmentally-conscious culinary experience.

    • Haddock: Sensory Awakening for the Culinary World

    Haddock, an enterprising Barcelona-based entity specializing in pioneering B2B SaaS solutions tailored for the restaurant sector. Driven by the might of Artificial Intelligence, their revolutionary software is rewriting the rulebook for cost control. Empowering restaurants with unparalleled cost management capabilities, Haddock’s groundbreaking tool sets an entirely new benchmark for the industry. Launched in 2020 and backed by an impressive €1 million in funding, Haddock aspires to redefine restaurant operations, streamlining processes, and elevating efficiency to uncharted heights.

    • Oscillum: Illuminating the Path to Sustainable Consumption

    A trailblazing contender, Oscillum, is revolutionizing the agri-food realm through its pioneering sensor technology. At the heart of this innovation lies the SmartLabel – a one-of-a-kind intelligent label that detects food spoilage via a color-changing mechanism. In combating food waste and championing sustainability, Oscillum is reshaping the consumer experience while optimizing the efficiency of the entire food value chain. SmartLabel not only assures consumers of product quality but also facilitates rapid responses to inventory-related challenges, benefiting both consumers and agri-food stakeholders. Oscillum’s versatile technology holds promise beyond this domain, extending into logistics and internal processes. Founded in 2019, the startup has garnered approximately €1.5 million in funding, cementing its stature as a pioneering force in industry innovation and sustainability.

    • Incapto Coffee: Revolutionizing Your Coffee Journey

    Enter Incapto Coffee, an enterprising force based in Barcelona poised to herald the “revolution of good coffee.” Driven by an unwavering commitment to innovation, Incapto has crafted a coffee bean that not only nurtures the planet but also elevates the coffee-drinking experience. An adieu to capsules, Incapto Coffee embraces authenticity, delivering flavorsome coffee that tantalizes the senses. Their offerings extend beyond the beans, encompassing automatic coffee machine sales and a convenient coffee bean subscription system. Since its inception in 2020, Incapto Coffee has secured an impressive total funding of €5.5 million, propelling its mission to reshape the art of savoring that daily cup of joe.

    • Cubiq-Foods: Transforming Nutrition on an International Scale

    Hailing from Barcelona, Cubiq Foods stands as an international FoodTech trailblazer, steering nutrition into uncharted territory. The startup pioneers a platform that offers cultivated fats to industrial clients, placing emphasis on sustainability, health, and affordability. By reducing animal and saturated fats while retaining taste and texture, Cubiq Foods introduces high-quality processed food products enriched with superior nutritional profiles. Innovations encompass oil/water emulsions, Omega-3 micro-encapsulation, and cell-culture platforms tailored for specialty fats. With scalable production and licensing avenues, Cubiq Foods is at the helm of reshaping food’s future, casting a glimpse into a healthier, more sustainable culinary landscape. Since its inception in 2018, the startup has amassed over €20 million in funding, firmly establishing its leadership role in the FoodTech domain.

    • NOVAMEAT: Leading the Charge in Sustainable Plant-Based Fare

    Emerging from Barcelona, NOVAMEAT is spearheading sustainable plant-based food production. The vanguard enterprise addresses the inefficiencies of animal agriculture head-on, forging ahead with ingenious solutions. Recognized by media and acclaimed for its innovative products, NOVAMEAT collaborates with renowned restaurants, crafting plant-based meat cuts on a grand scale that captivate even the most discerning palates. Driven by a resolute commitment to forging a healthier, humane, and sustainable food supply system, NOVAMEAT is effecting transformation in the way we nourish ourselves. With roots dating back to 2018, the startup has secured an impressive total funding of €5.5 million.

    • Innomy: Elevating Fungi-Based Protein Production

    Based in Derio, Innomy specializes in crafting meat alternatives from fungi-based sources, presenting ingenious solutions for protein and meat production. Leveraging the potential of mushroom strains and harnessing biotechnological processes, Innomy engineers protein-rich foods that provide delectable substitutes for conventional meats. Their proficiency extends to creating meat analogs and functional flours using fungal mycelia, while also repurposing industrial byproducts as valuable raw materials. With a mission to revolutionize the food landscape through sustainable and nutritious offerings, Innomy is causing ripples of innovation. Since its inception in 2018, the startup has secured a commendable total funding of €1.3 million.

    • Velada: Elevating Culinary Exploration Through Intelligence

    Madrid-based Velada emerges as a groundbreaking app that redefines the way users unearth restaurants for various occasions. By harnessing data and deploying a proprietary algorithm, Velada introduces personalized recommendations, standing as the foremost intelligent restaurant guide. Bid adieu to tourist traps and embrace extraordinary culinary experiences curated by a devoted local guide. Founded in Madrid in 2021, Velada swiftly garnered attention, amassing €1.1 million in funding since its inception.

    • MIXO: Revolutionizing Bar Services

    Wave goodbye to lengthy queues and soaring operational expenses with MIXO, a Barcelona-based startup committed to overhauling bar services in nightclubs and festivals. MIXO ushers in sleek cocktail vending machines designed for direct customer interaction. Implementation of these machines results in significantly reduced wait times and personnel expenditures, thereby enhancing the overall patron experience. Beyond bolstering sales and amplifying event profitability, MIXO contributes to fostering a safer environment. Established in 2021, MIXO has already secured around €500K in funding.

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