Advancing Wave Energy with Eco Wave Power’s Approach

    Eco Wave Power Global (publ), a leading onshore wave energy technology company, revealed significant progress in its 2023 annual report. Even with an uncertain economic environment, Eco Wave Power showed impressive growth with a revenue increase of 1,076%, not counting money from grants and other sources, along with a 36% decrease in net loss compared to the previous year. The company ended the year with a strong $8.4 million in cash and deposits.


    Eco Wave Power is leading the way in turning ocean and sea waves into clean electricity. With its patented technology, the company wants to fight climate change by enabling sustainable power production. Its successful grid-connected project in Israel and upcoming projects in the Port of Los Angeles and Portugal show its dedication to innovation and environmental sustainability.

    2023 progress 

    Eco Wave Power made significant steps forward in 2023, securing a major Innovate UK grant for a pilot microgrid project and progressing with key developments across the globe, and also:

    • In Israel, the EWP-EDF One Project was successfully connected to the country’s main power system for the first time ever.
    • In Los Angeles, a strategic co-investment agreement was signed with a major energy company for the first U.S.-based project, helped by supportive legislation signed by California Governor.
    • In Portugal, they got the final approval to start the building of a commercial-scale project in Porto, showcasing how well wave power can produce energy.

    Eco Wave Power also started several studies to explore new markets partnering with notable clients like Shell MRE and Chevron Corporation, and planning for commercial projects in Morocco and Greece. 

    Despite financial market challenges, Eco Wave Power remains optimistic about the renewable energy sector’s future, thanks to worldwide efforts like the Inflation Reduction Act. The company is getting ready for an impactful 2024, aiming to reinforce its belief in its mission and technology through strategic stock repurchase plans.

    2023 financial key points:

    • Revenue: Increased to $306,000 from $26,000 in 2022, primarily because of money earned from study services.
    • Operating costs: Decreased in all categories, making the company run more efficiently.
    • Net loss: Reduced to $1,866,000 from $2,901,000 in 2022, indicating the company is doing better financially.
    • Cash: $8.4 million in assets.

    Looking forward

    As Eco Wave Power enters, it focuses on continued growth and achieving their goals, aiming to further establish wave energy as a viable and profitable component of the global renewable energy mix. With a promising project pipeline and a strategic approach to market expansion, Eco Wave Power stands as a strong example of how wave energy can play a significant role in creating a more sustainable future.

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