Life Science Innovator sees Increased Demand with Additional Order from German Customer

    Eevia Health Plc has received an additional order from a German customer for its Feno-Myrtillus 36 organic bilberry extract, valued at approximately €11,000. This order increase brings the total value of the original order to €33,000 additional to the order in December from last year. The product is in stock and ready for immediate delivery.

    Eevia Health Plc is a Finnish company that extracts bioactive compounds from plants. They sell their extracts to dietary supplement and food brands worldwide. Their ingredients are wild-harvested from forests and manufactured in a sustainable facility.

    Key points:

    • Eevia Health Plc has received an additional order from a German customer.
    • The order is valued at approximately €11,000.
    • The product is in stock for immediate delivery.
    • The order is expected to be followed by further repeat orders in the future.
    • Stock ticker name: β€˜EEVIA’
    • Marketplace: Spotlight Stock Market

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