EIF Backs Vireo Ventures with €20 Million Investment to Fuel Electrification Tech Startups

    Berlin-based Vireo Ventures has just received a significant boost in its mission to support electrification technology startups. The European Investment Fund (EIF) has committed €20 million to the Vireo Electrification Fund I, which has a total size of up to €60 million.

    This investment is part of the broader effort to accelerate the electrification of the energy sector, aligning with the goals of the REPowerEU program and the European Recovery Program (ERP) of the German government.

    The Vireo Electrification Fund I primarily focuses on early-stage startups that are pioneering innovations in the energy supply, mobility, transportation, building, and industrial sectors. The fund has a keen interest in technologies that drive digitalization and intelligent management of energy systems.

    Several innovative startups have already received support from the Vireo Electrification Fund I, including Amperecloud, a platform capable of managing entire portfolios of renewable energy plant owners and operators.

    Another beneficiary is Green Fusion, a company specializing in AI-enabled heating management for multi-family buildings. Pionix, an open-source software provider facilitating the management of electric vehicle charging stations, is also among the recipients. Lastly, About: Energy, a battery modeling software solution that enhances decision-making regarding battery selection, design, and supply for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), is part of the fund’s portfolio.

    Vireo Ventures, the fund’s manager, is composed of five founding partners who previously oversaw innogy Ventures, one of Europe’s largest corporate venture funds in the energy sector. Over the years, the Vireo Ventures team has made investments in more than 80 energy and clean-tech startups, yielding both financial returns and positive environmental impacts.

    The European Investment Fund (EIF), a division of the European Investment Bank Group, plays a crucial role in supporting Europe’s micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) by facilitating their access to financial resources.

    The EIF’s efforts are aligned with various EU policy objectives, including enhancing competitiveness and growth, fostering innovation and digitalization, promoting social impact, building skills and human capital, and addressing climate change and environmental sustainability.

    Marjut Falkstedt, Chief Executive of the EIF, emphasized the significance of electrification in the realm of technological advancements. She stressed that as electrification continues to gain importance in the coming years, it presents substantial investment potential and a powerful tool for addressing decarbonization challenges in the electricity sector.

    Falkstedt expressed pride in supporting forward-looking technology investors like Vireo Ventures, contributing to Europe’s capabilities in the energy sector.

    Mischa Wetzel, Managing Partner of Vireo Ventures, echoed the sentiment that electrification is a crucial element in achieving global net-zero goals and the Paris climate targets. Wetzel expressed enthusiasm about the EIF’s collaboration, highlighting the shared mission to nurture innovation in the European energy-tech landscape and anticipating a lasting and impactful partnership.

    In summary, the EIF’s €20 million commitment to the Vireo Electrification Fund I represents a significant step toward fostering innovation in the energy sector and advancing the electrification of various industries. This investment is poised to propel startups at the forefront of electrification technology, driving Europe’s transition toward a more sustainable and electrified future.

    Biba Rey
    Biba Rey
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