From Frustration to Innovation: The PowerConcern Story

    Around 2000, Fredrik Svensson moved into a house in one of Stockholm’s suburbs. Everything was fine except for one thing – a noisy, energy-guzzling freezer that just wouldn’t shut up. Fed up with the constant humming, Fredrik had an epiphany: Why not figure out the real energy consumption of this clunky old appliance? And thus, the seeds of innovation were sown.

    At the time, the only tool for the job was a portable electricity meter that could only measure a single outlet. Dragging the freezer out, extending cords, plugging in the meter – it all felt incredibly unattractive and inconvenient. There had to be a better way! Luckily, the digital utility meters were being rolled out, replacing the old analog ones with rotating discs. These new meters came with a flashing LED.

    Fredrik had a eureka moment. He wanted to decode that flashing LED to present the actual power consumption wirelessly and in an easy-to-understand format. This way, he could keep his utility bills in check and finally make peace with his energy-guzzling freezer. And just like that, PowerConcern was born, with its flagship product, PMD1050, hitting the market in 2005.

    Fast forward to today, and Fredrik’s determination to save energy has evolved into something much bigger. PowerConcern, led by a team of brilliant engineers, is now shaping the future of energy management. They’re not just dealing with noisy freezers; they’re changing the game for the entire energy sector.

    Reinventing energy software

    PowerConcern stands out from the crowd of typical software companies thanks to its unwavering dedication to creating energy solutions that are not only highly efficient but also incredibly user-friendly. This unique approach is evident in their very first product, PMD1050, which made its debut in 2005. This ingenious product harnessed the capabilities of the new wave of digital utility meters to provide real-time insights into energy consumption, presented in a manner that anyone could easily grasp.

    However, what truly sets PowerConcern apart is its commitment to open-source software. This approach underscores their belief in transparency, cooperation, and the relentless pursuit of innovation. It’s a philosophy that empowers users to tailor solutions to their specific needs at every level.

    But PowerConcern isn’t just about innovative software; they’re also fully aware of the potential of renewable energy sources. This forward-thinking company is at the forefront of developing compelling solutions for EV-charging and solar energy management. Their suite of software products isn’t just about helping users save energy; it’s also a powerful catalyst for a more sustainable and eco-conscious future.

    In a world increasingly turning to renewable energy sources, PowerConcern’s role is more crucial than ever. The future of this innovative Swedish startup is nothing short of thrilling. Their unwavering commitment to user-friendly solutions for EV-charging and solar energy management means they’re paving the way to a more sustainable future. They’re all about helping you save on your utility bills while embracing open-source software. It’s a groundbreaking approach to energy management.





    Magnus Johansen
    Magnus Johansen
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