Finnish Startup Cactos Harnesses Second-Life Tesla Batteries to Tackle Europe’s Energy Crisis

    In the pursuit of sustainable energy solutions, a dynamic group of energy and software experts in Northern Ostrobothnia, Finland, birthed an innovative concept in 2018. What initially began as the New Generation Smart Energy Storage System (NGSESS) underwent an evolution of its own, eventually adopting the moniker “Cactos.” This name, inspired by the adaptable and resilient nature of a cactus, serves as a testament to the company’s commitment to clean and resilient energy solutions.

    In a bid to address the pressing energy crisis, coupled with supply chain challenges and geopolitical factors, Cactos recently secured €2.5 million in funding, signaling a major leap towards their mission. The startup, founded in the previous year, focuses on transforming second-life Electric Vehicle (EV) batteries into cutting-edge smart energy storage units. This endeavor establishes a circular energy ecosystem that not only maximizes efficiency but also contributes to the broader shift towards sustainable practices in Europe.

    The substantial funding round, led by Superhero Capital and actively involving Cactos’ founders, will play a pivotal role in the company’s expansion strategy. The infusion of capital, totaling €2.5 million, will facilitate growth, ramp up production, and facilitate international outreach.

    Oskari Jaakkola, the CEO and visionary behind Cactos, expressed enthusiasm about the company’s achievements and future trajectory. He emphasized that Cactos had successfully introduced one of the world’s most advanced energy storage systems, noting that the funding would bolster their ability to meet the surging demand for their revolutionary product. Superhero Capital’s involvement was welcomed as a valuable partnership aligned with Cactos’ commitment to accessible and sustainable energy solutions.

    Cactos’ groundbreaking approach to energy storage hinges on repurposing discarded Tesla EV batteries, positioning the company as a vanguard of environmental consciousness. By refurbishing these batteries, Cactos not only reduces electronic waste but also offers a solution for the electrification of transportation that aligns with circular economy principles.

    The process involves meticulous disassembly, inspection, and testing of EV battery modules at the Cactos facility in Muhos, Finland. Skilled Cactos experts then transform these components into 100kWh energy storage units, ready to revolutionize the energy landscape.

    The brilliance of Cactos’ technology is not confined to physical units alone. The company’s cloud computing service, Cactos Spine, operates using advanced algorithms to control and optimize the fleet of energy storage units. This intelligent system ensures a consistent energy supply, effectively managing usage peaks, blackouts, and optimizing electricity prices. Furthermore, the energy storage units play a pivotal role in stabilizing the transmission grid by balancing supply and demand dynamics. In times of electricity shortage, the units inject energy into the grid, and during excess production, they efficiently absorb energy.

    Cactos doesn’t simply offer a product; it presents an adaptable solution that caters to the evolving needs of businesses navigating the green transition. As electric vehicles become more prevalent, Cactos steps in to alleviate energy consumption challenges, particularly during fast charging periods. By mitigating energy consumption peaks and enabling temporary higher loads, Cactos contributes to a seamless charging experience while enhancing electricity distribution networks.

    As winter looms and energy challenges persist, Cactos remains committed to providing a seamless and independent energy storage solution. With operational units already making strides in Finland, the company’s expansion plans, bolstered by the recent funding injection, are poised to catalyze significant impact. Collaborations with key Finnish organizations, including Oomi and Helsinki City Housing Company, attest to Cactos’ reputation as a trailblazer in sustainable energy.

    In conclusion, Cactos’ journey from ideation to securing substantial funding underscores its pivotal role in the energy sector’s transformation. By harnessing the potential of second-life EV batteries and deploying advanced technology, Cactos is ushering in a new era of energy storage that aligns with Europe’s pursuit of a greener, more sustainable future.

    David Zingmark
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