From Collisions to Conclusions, The MedTech Breakthrough in Sports Medicine

    In a series of strategic moves, medtech company PolarCool AB (publ) specialized in sports medicine, with a focus on addressing concussion and repeated head collisions has significantly expanded its reach within the world of professional sports, particularly in the domains of rugby, ice hockey, and more. These agreements underscore PolarCool’s commitment to addressing the effects of concussion injuries through its innovative product, the PolarCap® System. Since 2017, PolarCool has invested approximately 3.5 million EUR in validating, developing, and clinically validating the PolarCap® System. Interest in the PolarCap® System remains high, with successful implementations in the Swedish Hockey League (SHL) showcasing its commercial and technical feasibility.

    More contracts being closed

    PolarCool has been expanding its reach with three contracts signed this July. They’ve made their mark in professional rugby, securing agreements with both the Australian International Rugby Team and the English Premiership Rugby team, Bristol Bears. These partnerships allow access to the PolarCap® System during the upcoming Rugby World Cup 2023 in France and enable them to establish a presence in the UK Rugby market, aiming to strengthen their influence in both the French and UK rugby scenes. These collaborations are not only strategically important for reaching new markets but also highlight the medical benefits recognized by major rugby nations. Moreover, PolarCool’s expansion in Europe includes a commercial agreement with Rungsted Seier Capital, a notable Danish ice hockey club. This step further solidifies the integration of PolarCap® across professional Nordic ice hockey teams.

    International market exploration

    Adding to their recent successes, the board of PolarCool has announced a preferential issue of up to approximately 1.13 million EUR. This financial boost has multiple aims, PolarCool continues to focus on the European market, having already secured multiple strategic agreements. Notable partners include HC Lugano in Switzerland, KaIPa and Rauman Lukko in Finland, and Bristol Bears and Scarlets Rugby in the United Kingdom. The company aims to accelerate sales, with the goal of having 100 systems leased by the end of 2023 within the EU and EES. It will also cover ongoing expenses and help resolve a bridging loan.

    Additionally, PolarCool is actively engaged in conducting clinical studies and economic evaluations to strengthen the credibility of the PolarCap® System. Collaborations with prominent figures in the rugby community highlight the possibility of PolarCap® becoming the benchmark for treating concussions. Furthermore, PolarCool is well-prepared for an expected entry into the US market, pending FDA approval. They are also exploring potential avenues in markets like Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.

    Looking back at their influential history and forward to their promising path, PolarCool’s innovative ideas are changing how sports medicine works and elevating athlete well-being to unparalleled heights.


    David Zingmark
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