HackGATE: Enhancing Ethical Hacking and Security Testing

    Based in Budapest, HackGATE is a cybersecurity testing platform that has pioneered a crowdsourced approach to continuous security testing. In an era where digital threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated, HackGATE offers a unique solution to monitor ethical hacker projects, allowing businesses to identify vulnerabilities cost-effectively. With an annual revenue of €70k, this startup is currently raising €1.5M and has already secured €250k in funding from Hiventures.

    HackGATE’s team comprises IT security experts and ethical hackers who are deeply passionate about creating a leading ethical hacker platform and fostering a vibrant hacker community. Their ultimate goal is to build a platform that ethical hackers love to use, providing them with opportunities to expand their skills while earning a living.

    Connecting ethical hackers and companies

    HackGATE acts as a bridge between companies and ethical hackers, with the common goal of making the internet a safer place. While involving ethical hackers in penetration testing projects is a powerful way to strengthen a company’s security systems, efficiently managing these projects and maintaining transparency across different teams can be a major challenge. Another hurdle is determining the thoroughness of security tests, as distinguishing between a clear result due to robust security and one caused by an incomplete test isn’t always straightforward.

    This is where HackGATE comes into play — as the industry’s first managed gateway designed specifically for monitoring security testing projects. Starting from July 3, 2023, HackGATE will be available to the public as a standalone service.

    How HackGATE makes a difference

    HackGATE provides accurate project information, streamlining the auditing process and helping organizations demonstrate their commitment to security and regulatory requirements. Its user-friendly dashboard offers improved visibility into hacking activities, enhances accountability of pentesters, and detects anomalies. This unprecedented transparency and independence empower organizations to regain control over their ethical hacking projects.

    The platform also simplifies the reporting process for IT security professionals by generating comprehensive reports in clickable PDF formats, offering a holistic view of each pentest project. This interactive approach facilitates collaboration and decision-making, enabling security professionals to oversee findings, monitor progress, and recommend actions effectively.

    Who can benefit from HackGATE?

    Any organization that prioritizes the security of its IT systems and recognizes the importance of comprehensive security testing and penetration testing projects can benefit from HackGATE’s advanced capabilities. This includes financial institutions, healthcare providers, government agencies, e-commerce platforms, technology companies, and critical infrastructure providers. HackGATE’s features are tailored to ensure compliance and safeguard sensitive data.

    Advanced features & integrations

    HackGATE utilizes advanced technologies for project analysis. As an external platform, it remains independent of pentesters but integrates seamlessly with a leading Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) system. This integration enables the identification of attack types, logging of security data, and the generation of compliance reports. HackGATE ensures that testing is comprehensive and aligns with industry best practices.

    One of HackGATE’s standout features is its ability to separate pentesters’ activities from real-life attackers by enforcing strong authentication methods before granting ethical hackers access to the IT system. Access is restricted to HackGATE IP addresses, minimizing the risk of unauthorized access. The platform also logs all activities during the project, enabling organizations to track and isolate unauthorized intruders. This clear separation enhances the overall security posture of the organization.

    HackGATE seamlessly integrates with existing IT environments, requiring no disruptive changes or extensive configurations. This allows organizations to adopt HackGATE without interrupting their ongoing operations.

    In conclusion

    HackGATE represents a significant advancement in managing security testing and pentest projects. It empowers organizations to enhance project quality, separate pentesters from real-life attacks, employ advanced technologies for analysis, actively monitor ethical hacking projects, and achieve a high level of transparency. In an increasingly digital world, platforms like HackGATE play a crucial role in safeguarding organizations from cyber threats. Stay tuned for updates from this innovative cybersecurity platform.

    Magnus Johansen
    Magnus Johansen
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