Hilbert Group Advances Towards Achieving EUR 150 Million AUM Goal by End of 2023

    Hilbert Group AB (NASDAQ: HILB B) is making significant strides in its pursuit of its ambitious SEK 1.5 billion Assets Under Management (AUM) objective by the close of 2023. The company’s asset management division, Hilbert Capital, has garnered noteworthy support from institutional investors this year and is on track to achieve its financial target.

    Notable developments at Hilbert Group

    Hilbert Capital, responsible for asset management within Hilbert Group, has successfully secured the approval of 10 institutional investors for investment in its funds during the course of 2023. This achievement underscores the growing interest and confidence that institutional investors have in Hilbert’s offerings.

    A significant milestone has been crossed as investments and commitments to the Hilbert funds have surpassed SEK 1 billion in the current year. This considerable inflow of capital is a testament to the effectiveness of Hilbert Capital’s strategies and its ability to attract investor interest.

    Strategic focus and leadership

    Under the leadership of Richard Murray, CEO of Hilbert Capital, the company has strategically focused on enhancing its investment solutions and trading technology. This strategic direction aims to facilitate institutional investors in scaling their investments within the Hilbert funds. Richard Murray, who joined Hilbert Group in the midst of a challenging crypto market environment in July 2022, has spearheaded this strategic approach.

    Murray remarked, “Hilbert has an elite team of quant PhDs, a powerful trading tech stack, and investment strategies which are consistent, repeatable, and scalable. We have seen that a compelling and credible value proposition attracts institutional capital regardless of what’s happening to the market. We are at a point where Hilbert has traded through its second crypto winter and has continued to focus on maintaining an extremely high rate of improvement across trading and operations.”

    Building strong partnerships

    The efforts of Richard Murray and Bruce Terry, Hilbert Senior Advisor, have been instrumental in establishing partnerships with institutional investors globally. These partnerships have played a pivotal role in the company’s growth and have contributed to elevating the reputation of the Hilbert brand. Hilbert Group has successfully managed the challenges posed by market downturns and positioned itself as an attractive partner for institutions looking to allocate investments to the cryptocurrency markets. 

    Expanding investment offerings

    Hilbert has expanded its investment offerings to align with the needs of institutional portfolios. The company has introduced two new hedge funds, Hilbert V1 and Hilbert V30, in the past year. These funds, alongside Hilbert V100, share a common foundation in quantitative research and development, risk management, and trading systems, while each possessing distinct investment objectives. Hilbert V1 Fund employs a Market Neutral strategy, generating consistent trading while maintaining zero connection with the cryptocurrency market. Hilbert V30 Fund adopts a convex upside strategy, capturing significant upside potential in the cryptocurrency market while effectively managing drawdowns. Hilbert V100 pursues a recovery strategy, positioning itself to deliver substantial returns as the cryptocurrency market rebounds.

    A vision for the future

    Hilbert Group AB operates with a vision to be a premier digital asset investment firm. The company’s focus on digital assets, particularly cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies, is manifested in its diversified business model spanning asset management, proprietary trading, equity investments, and data and analytics.

    The company aspires to deliver top-tier services to its clients and shareholders, actively contributing to the advancement of the digital asset technological revolution. Furthermore, Hilbert Group aims to enhance public understanding and awareness of the emerging and dynamic asset class of digital assets.

    David Zingmark
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