How Relu Is Pioneering 3D Technology and AI

    In 2019, Relu emerged as a visionary startup, established by a group of Belgian engineering students who shared a deep passion for computer vision. The journey began as a computer vision consultancy firm, but an encounter with the dental field ignited their enthusiasm. Recognizing the enormous potential for computer vision and AI in dentistry, they embarked on a mission to reshape the industry, aiming for more affordable and efficient dental care.

    The state of digital dentistry

    Traditional dental practices often suffer from unnecessary unpredictability, high costs, and time-consuming procedures, primarily due to the absence of automation within their software systems. Relu’s founders understood that, despite similar advancements in automation in other industries, dental software had yet to catch up. It was this gap that they were determined to bridge.

    The Relu® engine: redefining dental care

    Relu successfully developed a high-tech product known as the Relu® Engine, designed to be integrated as a plug-in with dental software worldwide. The engine is at the heart of automation, simplifying many of the manual tasks performed daily by dentists and dental technicians. It doesn’t stop there; it also enhances a dentist’s ability to deliver predictable, safe, and efficient dental care.

    Automating dental procedures with AI

    Relu’s innovative platform harnesses the power of artificial intelligence and 3D technology to bring about profound changes in the world of dentistry. Let’s explore some of the key features that are revolutionizing dental care:

    1. 3D model generation

    – Relu enables the creation of 3D models of critical dental anatomy, including the bone, teeth, airway, and sinuses from Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) scans.
    – This deep learning-based technology swiftly generates accurate representations of patients in just minutes, regardless of the type of CBCT device or the presence of artifacts.
    – Dentists can receive these anatomical models in various file formats, such as DICOM, STL, PLY, or OBJ, making it exceptionally versatile for their needs.

    2. Panoramic arch and mandibular canal tracing

    – In a matter of seconds, Relu’s platform can trace the panoramic arch and mandibular canals, enhancing dental professionals’ ability to plan and execute precise procedures.

    3. Digital impression segmentation

    – By leveraging all available anatomical information from the patient, the platform can automatically propose implant positions and sizes.
    – This feature streamlines the dental implant process and enhances treatment planning efficiency.

    4. Integration of digital impressions and facial scans with CBCT

    – Relu’s technology seamlessly registers digital impressions and facial scans with CBCT, delivering a comprehensive and synchronized view of the patient’s dental anatomy.
    – This integration enhances the precision of dental procedures and streamlines treatment planning.

    5. Enhancing dental implant treatment planning

    – Relu aims to automate laborious tasks in dental implant treatment planning, ultimately driving the wider adoption of surgical guides.
    – By automating these tasks, dentists can save valuable time, improve the quality of their work, and reduce the risk of complications.

    6. Empowering patients with visualization

    – Patients are increasingly interested in understanding their dental procedures.
    – Relu’s platform offers a visual representation of their anatomy within minutes, helping them make informed decisions and build trust with their dentists.

    7. Precision even in challenging conditions

    – Relu’s AI technology overcomes the challenges of working with dental scans that include metallic artifacts.
    – It offers accurate results regardless of the presence of metal in CBCT scans.

    8. Facilitating bone supported guides

    – Relu’s technology can significantly contribute to the adoption of bone-supported guides by automating bone segmentation in CBCT scans.

    The future of dentistry with Relu

    Relu has become a game-changer in the field of dentistry by integrating advanced AI and 3D technology into its platform. As dental professionals embrace this innovative solution, they can expect to witness the following benefits:

    – Enhanced Precision: Procedures are meticulously planned and executed with a higher degree of precision.
    – Time Efficiency: Automation minimizes manual tasks, allowing dental professionals to save valuable time.
    – Improved Patient Care: Visual representations empower patients to make informed decisions, fostering trust and transparency.
    – Cost Savings: By streamlining processes, Relu contributes to reducing costs and making dental care more accessible.


    Magnus Johansen
    Magnus Johansen
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