How VAST Video by Adverty is Reshaping Gaming Ads

    Adverty, a leading provider of in-game advertising and creator of the programmatic advertising format In-Play, with multiple patents to its name, keeps making gaming ads more engaging and has done something very innovative by introducing the industry’s first programmatic VAST video solution for In-Play.

    Setting the standard for in-game advertising

    Adverty once again showcases innovation and expertise in delivering seamless, non intrusive ads in gaming environments, and puts them at the forefront of the industry and is now accessible to both game publishers and advertisers. By introducing programmatic VAST video (Video Ad Serving Template) for In-Play, making it easier for brands to reach gamers worldwide with authentic programmatic video ads.

    In-Play advertising, an ad format and platform Adverty invented in 2016 and now holds multiple patents for in the USA, allows advertisers to seamlessly integrate their brand messages into gaming experiences, ensuring natural and non-disruptive communication with players. Now that Adverty’s platform includes programmatic video for In-Play, advertisers can connect with and engage global audiences in real-time like never before.

    The CEO’s vision

    “We are extremely proud to introduce programmatic VAST video for In-Play, marking another significant milestone for Adverty and the advertising industry as a whole,” explains Jonas Söderqvist, CEO of Adverty.

    The growing power of programmatic video

    In the United States alone, programmatic video advertising is projected to grow by approximately €19.23 billion between 2023 and 2025, representing a 30.2% increase, according to eMarketer forecasts.

    In 2022, programmatic video advertising in the USA exceeded spending on non-video advertising, reaching approximately €46.87 billion compared to about €42.28 billion for non-video ads. eMarketer claims that going forward into 2023 and beyond, the majority of U.S. programmatic video ad budgets will be directed towards mobile, making up 63.5% of the total spending in this category.

    Navigating challenges

    This comes at a time when game engine fees are on the rise, and tracking restrictions due to changes in mobile user privacy make player acquisition more challenging and expensive than ever before.

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