Hybricon’s Significant Business Progress in Early 2024

    Hybricon AB, a leader in eco-friendly public transportation systems, announced securing additional orders from two European bus manufacturers and initiating a strategic collaboration with IDS Support Sverige AB. This move marks a significant step in Hybricon’s journey, reflecting its commitment to innovation and growth in the sustainable transport sector.

    Key points:

    • Hybricon secured three orders totaling 2.2 MSEK.
    • Partnership with IDS Support Sverige AB aims to enhance the development of Identic systems.
    • Innovative systems: Focus on SVR (spill-free refueling) and AVI (automatic vehicle identification) systems.
    • The collaboration is set to expand AVI system capabilities, including electric vehicle monitoring.
    • Hybricon’s executives, Thomas Uhlin and Mårten Fuchs, emphasize the company’s evolving strategy and potential for further advancement.
    • Market place: Spotlight Stock Market 
    • Stock ticker symbol: ‘HYCO’

    For further information, read the full announcement here:

    David Zingmark
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