Wicket Gaming’s Power Move together with a Big Investment from Joachim Herz Foundation

    In a strategic move to improve the educational experience of the economic learning simulation game, “Isle of Economy” (IOE), the Joachim Herz Foundation and digital learning solutions provider Wegesrand are entering a new phase of collaboration. The foundation’s investment of over 1.15 MSEK (100,000 EUR) signals a commitment to enhancing IOE’s impact with a comprehensive update, including improved usability and a graphic overhaul.

    Four years of success

    Over the past four years, Joachim Herz Foundation and Wegesrand have successfully transformed IOE into a premier knowledge transfer tool in economics, business administration, and democracy education. This latest collaboration introduces an extensive update, promising a more user-friendly experience and a visually enhanced interface.

    The Didacta trade fair in Cologne (February 20th to 24th) is poised to be a milestone for IOE. Joachim Herz Foundation will present the latest version of the project, highlighting the evolution and impact of the game. This showcase emphasizes the dedication to advancing economic education in an engaging and effective manner.

    Wegesrand’s CEO on the expanded partnership

    Expressing enthusiasm about the expanded collaboration, Wegesrand’s CEO, Thorsten Unger, remarked, “For us, the Joachim Herz Foundation is an important partner and one of the protagonists when it comes to economic education. It therefore fills us with pride that we are further expanding our cooperation and will continue to do so in the coming year.”

    The Joachim Herz Foundation, named after its founder, the Hamburg-based entrepreneur Joachim Herz, is committed to promoting knowledge and education in the natural sciences and economics. Their central concern is ensuring the future viability of society through educational initiatives.

    As Joachim Herz Foundation and Wegesrand forge ahead in their partnership, the educational landscape stands to benefit from enriched features and innovations planned for the “Isle of Economy” economic learning game. This continued commitment reflects a shared vision of fostering knowledge and preparing the next generation for the challenges of the future in an accessible and engaging manner.

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