World-Leading Airport Security System Manufacturer Secures Major Deal

    Klimator just announced its first big airport contract using AHEAD technology. They’ll be installing two AHEAD systems at one of Europe’s busiest airports, teaming up with SARSYS ASFT. The technology will be used to document the conditions of the airport’s runways. The result provides a detailed status of the runway. Playing a crucial role for ensuring the safety and efficiency of airport operations by providing accurate and up-to-date information on runway conditions.

    The deal is worth about €50.000, and the delivery will take place in Q3.

    Key points: 

    • Klimator and SARSYS ASFT are teaming up for their first airport job using AHEAD technology, which helps keep runways safe.
    • They’ll be installing two AHEAD systems at a major European airport, showing how important advanced runway monitoring has become.
    • AHEAD tech gives detailed info on runway conditions in real-time, making airports safer and more efficient.
    • Stock ticker symbol: KLIMAT
    • Stock exchange: First North Stockholm


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