LED iBond with Game-Changing Greenhouse Lighting Innovation

    LED iBond announces the first orders for its innovative toplighting lamp that was made for the international indoor greenhouse industry. Notably, one order includes a significant project for a 2000 m2 greenhouse, valued at DKK 0.5 million. The HORTISABER™ lamps have unmatched technical specifications, including superior light uniformity and advanced thermal management, setting a new standard in the market.

    Key points:

    • LED iBond introduces the HORTISABER™ toplighting lamp, designed for commercial greenhouse facilities worldwide, offering exceptional performance and efficiency.
    • First orders secured: The company swiftly secures initial orders post-product launch, reflecting strong market interest and confidence in the HORTISABER™ lamp’s capabilities.
    • Rigorous testing by Denmark’s leading greenhouse facilities confirms the impressive technical performance and reliability of the HORTISABER™ lamp.
    • Global demand: LED iBond experiences growing demand from domestic and international clients, highlighted by recent orders from the UK, demonstrating the lamp’s global relevance and competitive edge.
    • Stock exchange: First North Denmark
    • Stock ticker symbol: ‘LEDIBOND’

    For further information:[…]geted-the-large-international-indoor-greenhouse-industry-5e540d31

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