Leading Marine Coating Manufacturer Introduces Innovative Antifouling Solution for Marine Conservation

    PPG Protective & Marine Coatings, a global leader in marine coatings, has unveiled an innovative new antifouling product. This product incorporates Selektope®, a key ingredient developed by I-Tech (publ). I-Tech is honored to supply Selektope and looks forward to the market appreciation of the new product.

    The rollout of the product aims to meet the needs of the commercial shipping industry. With its low levels of biocides it can resist fouling even when inactive for a long time. These qualities are likely to cut down on fuel expenses and maintenance in the marine sector. 

    Key points:

    • PPG Protective & Marine Coatings has introduced an innovative marine antifouling product.
    • The product incorporates Selektope®, developed by I-Tech AB.
    • I-Tech supplies Selektope to PPG and other major marine paint manufacturers.
    • The new product aims to combat marine fouling and reduce fuel costs and maintenance.
    • Stock ticker symbol: ITECH
    • Stock exchange: First North Stockholm


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