Making Sustainability Profitable for Industries with SNERPA Power

    SNERPA Power, a startup from Iceland has managed to secure €2.2 million in funding. Their mission is to speed up the transition to cleaner energy sources across the globe. Founded in 2022 by industry experts Íris Baldursdóttir and Eyrún Linnet, SNERPA Power focuses on assisting high energy consuming industries, such as metal production, data centers, and hydrogen manufacturing, in cutting their carbon emissions and lowering costs.

    Currently, these power intensive industries are responsible for a big chunk of the world’s energy use (37%) and a significant portion of CO2 emissions (24%). As these industries grow, it’s crucial to find ways to use energy more efficiently, embrace automation, and go green.

    Real time data for smarter decisions

    SNERPA Power has software solutions to make it happen. Their Energy Management System uses real time data to help these big industries make smarter decisions about how they use electricity, manage their contracts, and even help balance the power grid. This means they can reduce costs, make more money, and help keep the electricity grid stable.

    Leadership insights

    Íris Baldursdóttir, the CEO of SNERPA Power, pointed out that these power hungry industries want to be part of a cleaner energy system. But they need the right tools and solutions to do it, and that’s where SNERPA Power comes in. 

    Eyrún Linnet, the CTO of SNERPA Power, added that they work closely with these industries to find the best solutions based on their specific needs and the trends in the electricity market.

    Investment for growth

    The company’s first funding round raised €2.2 million, and it was incredibly popular, with more people wanting to invest than SNERPA Power had space for. This funding was mainly led by venture capital firms Crowberry Capital from Iceland and BackingMinds from Sweden. This funding will help SNERPA Power hire more people, expand to other countries, and grow their business. 

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