Meet the Robot Chefs Creating Special Dining Experiences

    Hamburg-based foodtech company, Circus, has acquired Berlin’s Aitme, a robotics startup. Circus’ innovative micro kitchen hub technology and AI-driven menu offerings have gained a lot of attention. With Aitme’s expertise in cooking robots, the acquisition promises to revolutionize food delivery by reducing cooking times, minimizing food waste, and addressing the chef shortage.

    The future of food delivery

    Circus strives for a future where technology combines technology with cooking to create special dining experiences for today’s food lovers. Their proprietary micro kitchen hubs and AI-powered menus redefine how we approach food delivery. With expansion into key cities and €18 million in investments, Circus is set to make a big impact. Established in 2019, they have achieved market recognition with its culinary robotics. Their fully automated kitchens are masters of precision, efficiency, and food waste reduction. Although, the company claims that Aitme’s robots aren’t here to replace chefs; they’re here to collaborate with them. 

    In a strategic move, Circus has acquired Aitme to enhance its micro-kitchen infrastructure. Circus is financing the acquisition independently, ensuring a smooth transition and reinforcing its commitment to innovation. To optimize growth, Circus is transitioning to a franchise business model. As part of this strategic shift, there will be a reduction in the workforce. Despite this, Circus remains optimistic about achieving profitability in select locations.

    Redefining food delivery

    The Circus and Aitme acquisition marks a bigger step in culinary robotics for food. It has the potential to reshape how we experience and enjoy food in the digital age. This partnership is set to change the food industry, making it easier for everyone to enjoy sustainable meals.

    David Zingmark
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