Sweden’s First Energy Monitoring Platform Launches in the U.S

    Mestro announces its milestone achievement of connecting a property in the U.S. market, marking its entry into the American real estate landscape. Facilitated by the SKYLINE accelerator program, organized by the Swedish Energy Agency and the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce in New York, Mestro’s partnership with Corem Property Group marks a significant step in its global expansion strategy. The integration of Mestro’s energy monitoring platform into Corem’s property, not only optimizes energy consumption but also establishes Mestro as the first Swedish energy monitoring platform in the U.S. 

    Key points:

    • Mestro’s participation in the SKYLINE accelerator program leads to the connection of Corem Property Group’s property in Manhattan, New York.
    • Collaboration with Corem Property Group underscores Mestro’s commitment to innovation and sustainability in the global real estate sector.
    • Mestro’s entry into the U.S. market positions the company as a pioneer in energy monitoring solutions and opens doors for future growth opportunities.
    • Stock ticker symbol: ‘MESTRO’
    • Stock exchange: First North Stockholm


    Find the full press release here

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