Minesto’s Success with Tidal Energy as a Sustainable Power Source

    Minesto AB has marked a significant milestone in renewable energy by successfully generating electricity with its Dragon 12 tidal power plant, with a capacity of 1.2 MW, contributing to the Faroe Islands’ grid. This represents an advancement for Minesto and the broader marine energy industry, highlighting the potential of tidal energy as a sustainable power source. 

    Key points:

    • Dragon 12’s successful electricity generation marks a pivotal achievement for Minesto and renewable energy.
    • Innovative design: The tidal kite, with a 12-meter wingspan, showcases cutting-edge marine energy technology.
    • Upscaled efficiency: Dragon 12 demonstrates scalable efficiency, paving the way for large-scale tidal energy parks.
    • CEO Martin Edlund emphasizes the milestone as a testament to Minesto’s dedication to renewable energy innovation.
    • Stock exchange: First North Stockholm
    • Stock ticker symbol: ‘MINEST’


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