Moment Group’s Comeback with Exciting Experiences and Financial Success

    Moment Group, a leading player in the experience industry, has unveiled exciting progress and new financial goals during the first three quarters of 2023. This article takes a dive into the company’s latest interim report, covering innovative concept launches to survival strategies during the pandemic.

    New concepts and growth plans

    Moment Group has been far from idle. Following successful launches of BERMUDA DECK SHUFFLE CLUB and the upcoming SLICE experience, the company reveals ambitious plans to establish its concepts in more Scandinavian cities. Moment Group aims to enrich cultural experiences and create shareable memories, both in reality and digitally, in more and more locations.

    Strategic financial goals and performance metrics

    On November 14, Moment Group announced its new financial goals, intended to reflect the company’s strategic priorities. Net turnover for the third quarter increased to approximately 20 million EUR, a rise of approximately 3.7 million EUR compared to the previous year. Despite improvements in the operating result (approximately -0.8 million EUR), the accumulated result is still at approximately -1.1 million EUR.

    Cashflow and challenges in financial operations

    Analysis of the cashflow reveals a positive trend in ongoing operations, but intensive investments and funding challenges require careful monitoring. Moment Group’s financial position took a hit during the pandemic, and measures were taken to secure survival and long-term funding.

    The coronavirus pandemic posed a challenge for Moment Group, but the company took swift and powerful actions to minimize the impact. After the restrictions were lifted, operations returned to normal conditions. However, the effects of the pandemic on the first half of 2022 still negatively influenced the company.

    Final thoughts

    Moment Group faces challenges and opportunities, and its ability to adapt and grow will be crucial. With a strong emphasis on sustainable experiences and clear growth strategies, the future looks promising for this leading player in the Scandinavian experience industry.

    The share is traded on Nasdaq with the stock ticker symbol MOMENT

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