Swedish FoodTech Company Boosts Olive Oil Production in Spain

    OptiCept Technologies, known for its innovative foodtech and planttech, has expanded its presence in the Spanish olive oil industry through strategic agreements with two companies, Aceites Canoliva and Cooperativa La Salud.


    Aceites Canoliva, based in Cordoba, Spain, has chosen to implement OptiCept’s technology, oliveCEPT®, with a purchase valued at €155,000. This technology promises to enhance their olive oil production’s quality and efficiency. Pepe Cano, the CEO of Canoliva, expresses enthusiasm for the potential improvements this technology will bring to their olive oil production process.

    OptiCept has also secured a €270,000 agreement with Cooperativa La Salud for two oliveCEPT® units. This significant partnership serves as a strong endorsement of OptiCept’s technology’s effectiveness. Thomas Lundqvist, CEO of OptiCept, views this collaboration as an excellent opportunity to demonstrate their technology’s capabilities in Andalusia, a crucial region for olive oil production.

    Looking ahead

    The agreements with Spanish companies underscore the effectiveness and environmental benefits of OptiCept’s technologies in improving olive oil production. These collaborations represent progress for the involved companies, their customers, and environmental sustainability.

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    David Zingmark
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