Pleez’s €2 Million Investment with The Recipe for Restaurant Revolution

    In a significant stride towards revolutionizing the food delivery industry, Portuguese startup Pleez has recently secured a €2 million investment, this financial infusion was led by Lince Capital. Pleez specializes in developing cutting-edge technology solutions tailored for delivery platforms such as Glovo and Uber Eats. This new capital infusion is set to help Pleez to hire more people, doubling their team to 60, and become even stronger in the profitable Iberian market.

    A boost from Lince Capital and other strategic investors

    Lince Capital, a big Portuguese investment company, led the Series A investment round. They teamed up with other important funds, like Atlantic Food Labs and Axel Springer Porsche, which had already invested in Pleez before. 

    Pleez doesn’t just stop at offering tech solutions for delivery platforms. They’re all about helping restaurants do better on these platforms through something called the “menus active management service”. This new approach is already a hit, boosting restaurant sales by an impressive 15%. Pleez’s platform is handling an impressive 72,000 orders every month, and this number keeps growing with each passing month, demonstrating the platform’s increasing popularity and success. 

    Driving success through technology

    Born in the heart of Portugal, Pleez brings a digital transformation to restaurants, equipping them with digital tools to make their menus better and boost their earnings. Pleez uses data and smart algorithms to help restaurant owners and managers make smarter decisions. The folks at the restaurant tell Pleez what they want to achieve, and Pleez’s platform, armed with its special algorithms, figures out how to sell more food through delivery websites. This makes things easier, saves time, and helps restaurants perform better. 

    A promising future ahead

    Pleez’s recent €2 million investment is a big deal in their quest to change how food delivery works. They’ve already shown they can boost restaurant sales and make things run smoother. Now, they’re all set to grow even more and make a mark on the global stage. As Pleez continues to redefine the boundaries of restaurant technology, it remains a company to watch for its innovative solutions and contributions to the evolving world of food delivery.

    David Zingmark
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