Innovative Hand Recognition Technology Expands Precise Biometrics’ Product Portfolio

    Precise Biometrics introduces hand recognition, a groundbreaking addition to its biometric product portfolio. Leveraging the company’s renowned fingerprint algorithm expertise, this innovative technology promises enhanced security and usability, offering touchless interaction for a hygienic and convenient authentication process. Hand recognition expands Precise Biometrics’ market reach, enabling customizable authentication options tailored to specific needs and applications.

    Key points:

    • Introduction of hand recognition marks a significant milestone for Precise Biometrics, broadening its biometric offerings beyond fingerprint and facial recognition.
    • Hand recognition combines high security with improved usability, offering touchless interaction for a hygienic and convenient authentication process.
    • The technology enhances security without compromising user-friendliness, with applications including access control, visitor management, and payment.
    • Addition of hand recognition enables biometric multi-factor authentication (MFA), providing customizable authentication options tailored to specific needs.
    • The solution is touchless and camera-agnostic, ensuring secure hand recognition by various devices such as IP cameras, tablets, or dedicated hand recognition units.
    • Collaboration with Hand.ID reflects Precise Biometrics’ commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions in biometric authentication.
    • The addition of hand recognition demonstrates Precise Biometrics’ dedication to innovation and providing secure and user-friendly authentication methods.
    • With hand recognition, Precise Biometrics aims to expand its customer base and applications, aligning with its goal to accelerate sales growth.
    • Stock ticker symbol: PREC
    • Stock exchange: Small Cap Stockholm


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