Real Heart Advances Artificial Heart Development with Successful Preclinical Trial

    Scandinavian Real Heart (publ) has announced successful outcomes from another preclinical trial of its Realheart® TAH artificial heart, moving closer to the first human clinical trial.

    Key outcomes

    The latest trial results demonstrated that the Realheart® TAH could effectively replicate good heart function with minimal impact on blood, exceeding the survival times of previous tests. This innovation features a design with two atria and two ventricles, closely mimicking the natural blood flow and mechanics of the human heart.

    Comprehensive preclinical testing

    Realheart’s trials are part of a comprehensive preclinical data package required for human clinical trials, focusing on safety, blood impact, and device reliability. The positive trial outcomes, including stable cardiac output and blood pressure regulation, are crucial for moving towards clinical application.

    Expert involvement

    The trials were led by Dr. Göran Dellgren, a prominent heart surgeon, alongside Realheart’s medical team, who are refining the surgical procedures based on the latest anatomical insights and device design improvements. Dr. Ulf Kjellman, Realheart’s Medical Director, expressed satisfaction with the trial results, noting the device’s potential to transform cardiac care without significant side effects.

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