Revolutionizing Door-to-Door Deliveries with Drones

    Norwegian drone company Aviant is making waves in the world of drone delivery with its innovative Kyte home delivery service, which boasts an impressive delivery radius of over 30 kilometers. 

    The impressive range

    Founded by a trio of MIT students in 2020, Aviant has already made its mark by delivering critical supplies such as Covid-19 tests and blood samples. What makes Aviant stand out is the remarkable range of its drones. These drones can cover distances of up to 120 kilometers in a straight line, a capability similar to airplanes. This expanded reach translates into a significantly larger delivery area for Kyte, allowing it to serve communities within a 30-kilometer radius for return flights, in contrast to other providers, who usually cover only 2-3 kilometers. Aviant follows EU rules, which means they can run drone flights autonomously in the European Union.

    In September 2022, Aviant successfully raised €2.3 million in funding, with the round being led by Bring Ventures, the venture arm of the Norwegian postal service. The company has ambitious plans, including the establishment of a second base in Norway in 2023. This strategic move will let them serve many remote holiday homes with doorstep deliveries. Beyond that, Aviant has its sights set on broader horizons, with intentions to expand its drone home delivery services to cover a significant portion of the Norwegian population and eventually get into the EU markets.

    To access Kyte’s services, customers can conveniently request deliveries through the Kyte app, where they have a range of options including groceries, prepared meals, and light medications. Once an order is placed, Aviant’s drones are loaded with the requested items at Kyte’s home base, and they autonomously complete the delivery, often within just 24 minutes.

    CEO’s vision

    Lars Erik Fagernæs, the CEO and founder of Aviant, is enthusiastic about the future of drone deliveries. He points out that while the concept of door-to-door drone delivery has been discussed for some time, most commercial efforts have been limited to small, open areas or restricted by technology with a radius limit of 2-3 kilometers. However, with Kyte, Aviant is breaking through these limitations, offering an impressive delivery radius and possessing all the necessary permits for operation, without needing pilots or people to watch along the delivery route.

    Aviant’s achievements have not gone unnoticed by investors. Anett Berger Sørli, an Investment Manager at Bring Ventures, believes Aviant has the right combination of reliable technology and market potential. She’s confident that drone delivery is poised to play a central role in the future of logistics and sees Aviant as a frontrunner, especially given their swift launch of Kyte and their commitment to transforming the industry.

    David Zingmark
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