Revolutionizing Workouts with MAGIC’s Fitness Game Changer!

    In the dynamic landscape of fitness and wellness, an innovative blend of technology and celebrity coaching has emerged, reshaping how individuals approach personal training. Meet MAGIC, the brainchild of Varun Bhanot, a visionary who embarked on a mission to revolutionize the fitness experience. Founded in 2021, MAGIC stands as one of the United Kingdom’s pioneering AI personal trainers, harnessing the power of cutting-edge holographic technology to craft an immersive fitness journey.

    Bhanot’s personal experiences sparked the birth of MAGIC. Fueled by his own transformative fitness experiences, he recognized the need for a more accessible and personalized approach to training. He understood the challenges of conventional personal training, the costs, time limitations, and limited flexibility and saw an opportunity to bring about a profound shift in this space. At the heart of MAGIC’s innovation lies its employment of advanced holographic technology. Within the confines of MAGIC’s AI wall mirror, celebrity athletes and sports icons manifest as holograms, guiding users through bespoke fitness programs spanning strength training, dance, boxing, yoga, and various sports techniques. The result is a 1:1 personal training experience that goes beyond traditional boundaries.

    Central to MAGIC’s prowess is ReflectAI®, its proprietary AI technology. This clever system uses a camera to carefully follow how users move, giving instant feedback on their posture and how they’re doing the exercises. The AI system counts repetitions matching how the user moves, making the workout feel just individualized and right for them. 

    The coming together of Bhanot’s vision, AI technology, and holography reached its peak when MAGIC was introduced in late 2021. This launch was made possible with the support of a startup loan from none other than Richard Branson and Virgin Startup. Branson’s personal support highlights the groundbreaking possibilities of MAGIC’s fitness approach driven by AI. The support from such notable people shows how combining technology and wellness can create really big and positive changes. As things gained speed, MAGIC achieved an impressive €2.3 million investment recently. Fasanara Capital led this investment, and London’s SFC Capital also joined in. This significant injection of funds shows that more and more people are recognizing the huge possibilities that MAGIC holds for transformation.

    As MAGIC keeps reshaping how we think about fitness, its blend of AI, holography, and coaching from famous athletes stands out as a creative blueprint for making wellness personal. With a strong focus on making things open to everyone, easy to access, and impactful, MAGIC is carving a path toward a future where technology and fitness work together effortlessly, making lives better and revolutionizing health for everyone.

    David Zingmark
    I'm a passionate individual dedicated to shining a spotlight on incredible companies. My goal is is to uncover stories by telling the most complex operations into simplified words, empowering you as a reader to gain better insights and make informed investment and/or business choices.

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