Rottneros Accelerates Renewable Shift with Strategic Supplier Partnerships

    Rottneros AB has finalized agreements with Nordic Solar and Powerworks for solar panels and battery storage, underlining its commitment to renewable energy. The 93 million investment reflects a strategic shift towards sustainability and reduced reliance on traditional electricity sources.

    Key points:

    • Rottneros’ 93 million investment in solar panels and battery storage signifies a move towards renewable energy.
    • Nordic Solar and Powerworks were selected for their technical expertise in delivering customized energy solutions.
    • The renewable energy assets will enhance Rottneros’ sustainability goals while optimizing energy usage.
    • Timeline: The solar park and battery storage are slated for operation by August 2024, promising improved efficiency and reduced environmental impact.
    • Stock exchange: Stockholm Stock Exchange
    • Stock ticker symbol: ‘RROS’

    For further information:

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