S.Lab Wins Prestigious Green Alley Award 2023: Pioneering a Circular Future

    Berlin, April 28, 2023 – The Green Alley Award 2023, Europe’s foremost startup accolade dedicated to the circular economy, has bestowed its prestigious honor upon S.Lab, an innovative Ukrainian startup. S.Lab has clinched the award for its groundbreaking work in agricultural waste utilization and mycelium-based packaging.

    A truly green innovation

    S.Lab’s winning concept centers around redefining packaging with an eco-conscious twist. They have developed an eco-friendly alternative to Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) material by ingeniously utilizing mycelium roots and hemp stems. The result is a 100% biodegradable packaging solution.

    Recognized for environmental impact

    Jan Patrick Schulz, CEO of Landbell Group and the visionary behind the Green Alley Award, expressed the significance of S.Lab’s achievement, stating, “S.Lab addresses a vital topic for the circular economy. The usage of packaging has resulted in a heavy burden on the environment, and the management of packaging waste is facing a challenge due to packaging recyclability.”

    Innovative approach with hemp and mycelium

    What sets S.Lab apart is its commitment to sustainability. Instead of relying on traditional materials, S.Lab utilizes hemp and mushroom roots, particularly mycelium, as the primary plant-based components for its biodegradable packaging. To produce this packaging at scale, S.Lab is pioneering the use of small factories with closed-loop automated production lines housed in 40-foot containers.

    A vision for a circular future

    Julia Bialetska, Co-Founder and CEO of S.Lab, expressed her delight at winning the award and shared the startup’s vision: “We are thrilled to receive this award. We need to rethink the way we use resources and materials and investigate the opportunity of using more and more renewable resources, repurpose current usage of the resources and decrease waste generation.”

    Using the prize money for impact

    Bialetska also detailed how the prize money of €25,000 would be utilized: “We will use the prize money to commercialize our product, create more impact and enable a more circular future.” Jan Patrick Schulz, CEO of Landbell Group, applauded S.Lab’s strategy to scale its biodegradable packaging solution rapidly. He emphasized that S.Lab has the potential to bring about substantial change in the circular economy.

    Mentoring and innovation

    In the run-up to the Green Alley Award, finalists engaged in mentoring sessions with experts to refine their startup concepts. They received valuable insights into business development, supply chain management, marketing, and circular economy policy and regulations.

    The future of circular economy

    The Green Alley Award has been championing circular economy startups since its inception in 2014. Landbell Group, the leading provider of global environmental and chemical compliance services, and Seedmatch, Germany’s crowdfunding pioneer, joined forces to create this prestigious award.

    In conclusion, S.Lab’s achievement at the Green Alley Award 2023 signifies an exciting step toward a more sustainable and circular future. By embracing innovative materials and forward-thinking solutions, S.Lab is leading the charge in redefining how we approach packaging and waste management. The circular economy is taking a giant leap forward with pioneering startups like S.Lab leading the way.

    Magnus Johansen
    Magnus Johansen
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