Advancing Defense Tech with Anti-Drone Project

    Scandinavian Astor Group operates within the defense industry, providing products, services, and associated technical solutions for military defense, civil security, and industrial sectors. Through its subsidiary My-Konsult, Astor Group has successfully developed a prototype of anti-drone equipment to combat remote-controlled kamikaze drones. The expanded collaboration with the industrial partner in Ukraine signifies a significant milestone in the company’s efforts to offer innovative solutions to address growing threats in the defense and security sectors.

    The new collaboration agreement enables My-Konsult to demonstrate the developed prototype of anti-drone equipment to the partner, opening up future opportunities for deeper collaboration and commercial agreements. With a focus on providing cost-effective and reliable solutions to protect personnel and equipment from drone threats, Astor Group positions itself as a leading player in the development of advanced technologies for defense and security applications.

    Key points:

    • My-Konsult, a subsidiary of Scandinavian Astor Group, collaborates with an industrial partner in Ukraine to combat remote-controlled kamikaze drones.
    • They plan to showcase a new prototype of anti-drone equipment to the partner.
    • The prototype is rapidly developed and builds on My-Konsult’s expertise in radar jamming.
    • The goal is to offer a cost-effective solution to protect personnel and equipment from drone threats.
    • Upon successful demonstrations of the prototype, the partnership may deepen to reach a commercial agreement.
    • Stock ticker symbol: ASTOR
    • Stock exchange: Spotlight Stock Market


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