Leading the Way in Patient Monitoring with Major Deal in U.S

    Senzime, a leader of using advanced technology to closely monitor patients and make sure everything is going well during and after surgery, proudly announces its most substantial US deal to date, partnering with a university hospital system in Houston. This agreement involves delivering over 250 TetraGraph systems initially, catering to the healthcare needs of up to 100,000 patients annually across multiple hospitals in the Houston area.

    Key points:

    • Senzime hits a big milestone in the US healthcare market with a major deal in Houston.
    • The deal includes the delivery of over 250 TetraGraph systems for use in multiple hospitals in the Houston area.
    • Philip Siberg, Senzime’s CEO, estimates the deal’s revenue from sensor sales to exceed SEK 50 million over a 5-year period, with further potential for growth.
    • Stock ticker symbol: SEZI
    • Stock exchange: Small Cap Stockholm


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