Shaping a Smarter Generation with AI and Customized Learning

    In recent years, the blend of technology and education has been a hot topic, with innovations continuously shaping the way we learn. MyFirstApp (publ), an IT company specializing in digital applications for children, is at the forefront of this educational revolution. At the heart of this vision is their strategic product, the Evolear service. This innovative system harnesses the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to create a personalized learning experience like no other.

    Personalized education at its best

    Evolear is not just an app; it’s a technical marvel designed to enhance the learning journey of each child. At its core lies a sophisticated AI-driven algorithm that adjusts math problems based on each child’s skills and progress. This makes learning more effective and customized to each student. What sets Evolear apart is its integration with existing MyFirstApp services, making it a versatile foundation for future learning platforms, games, and services. The company is set to launch the beta version of Evolear, applied to an in-house developed educational game, in Q4 2023. As this project unfolds, more details will be unveiled, promising an exciting future for young learners and their educators.

    Financial milestones and growth

    The company’s recent financial report for Q2 2023 reveals promising numbers. While the net revenue has increased to approximately EUR 70 000, compared to EUR 0 in the same period last year. The CEO’s statement underlines the company’s focus on improving its products, expanding its reach, and fostering growth. Collaborations with influencers like Fozi Mozi have already shown positive results, ranking MyFirstApp’s applications at the top of the list in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

    With the upcoming launch of the Evolear system and a strong dedication to constant improvement, MyFirstApp’s goal of combining technology and education is primed to have a significant influence on how children acquire knowledge and develop. As the company progresses, it’s well-positioned to help kids worldwide have a brighter and smarter future.


    David Zingmark
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