Empowering Water Innovations with SolarSpring’s Latest Venture

    SolarSpring GmbH has been awarded a grant of 351,800 € by the European Commission to participate in the SALTEAU project alongside 6 European partners. SALTEAU aims to develop multipurpose infrastructures with revolutionary capabilities to extract value from alternative water resources, such as wastewater, brackish, and seawater. This four-year project, set to begin in Q2 of 2024, will focus on upscaling innovative technologies. 

    Key points: 

    • SolarSpring GmbH secures a 351,800 € grant from the European Commission to participate in the SALTEAU project, concentrating on getting value from different water sources.
    • SALTEAU aims to create multipurpose infrastructures to harness the real value of alternative water resources.
    • SolarSpring will serve as a technology provider and making saltwater stronger, using their expertise from projects like BrineMine.
    • SolarSpring will receive 351,800 € for the four-year project, with a funding rate of 60%.
    • Stock exchange: First North Stockholm
    • Stock ticker symbol: ‘CISH’

    For further information:

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