Spher App Puts Women’s Issues on Sweden’s Smart City Agenda

    When it comes to the evolution of our streets into smart cities and towns, one segment of society is often wildly underrepresented.

    Women typically miss out on planning and decision-making at city or state levels, even in enlightened and cosmopolitan Scandinavian cities. Women still feel less safe, lack essential facilities, and have less say, even though they pay the same taxes and propose equally valid ideas for social progress and harmony.

    Spher is a Swedish-based app, launching soon, trying to address this imbalance. By giving women a voice in amplifying local ideas through social media and digital platforms, Spher encourages them to apply pressure together for equality and change for the better.

    By encouraging people to work together, including men, the Spher app can provide decision-makers with data that highlights the needs of women, improving awareness and harnessing social power to drive change.

    Spher has big plans to change women’s representation

    At a practical level, the Spher app will come with an alarm to alert friends to local problems plus live chat. And an Influence and Review feature (live now in web form) will help highlight risks and dangers (anonymously, if needed) around town. Especially useful for nightlife, bars and other venues.

    Combined, the Spher app could have the power to drive change and make women feel more engaged and safer in their towns, and help bring about changes that meet their needs.

    Geoff Spick
    Geoff Spick
    I started writing about consumer technology, video games, and teaching people how to use Windows and the Internet back in the 90s, before switching to the world of B2B content. I have written for research for Gartner, marketing content for Infor and a broad range of startups, SMBs, and enterprises. All with a focus on delivering value and useful information to the right audience, from leaders to operators and end users, and adding some humanity in a world of increasingly robotic content.

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