Terms of Service

Terms of Service

These terms of service (the Terms) apply to Sattelite, (we, us or our), corporate registration number XXXXXX-XXXX, at the address Street 1, Postal Code City, provision of services to you (the Services). By utilizing the Services you consent to these Terms.

1. The Services

The Services facilitate your ability to exchange, search for, and subscribe to information and material, including images, videos, texts, and music (the Content) provided by our clients (our Clients) via the Services.

We are continuously striving to enhance and refine our services and may, therefore, periodically need to modify their content or design. Hence, we retain the right to make alterations to the Services as deemed appropriate.

2. Access to the Services

We prioritize the security and safety of our services and insist that they are utilized securely and responsibly. Therefore, the Services are intended for your sole use. Additionally, you must safeguard the password to your user account with us by:
securing computers, tablets, phones, or other devices where your password is stored or utilized;
selecting a password that is not easily decipherable; and
maintaining the secrecy of the password, refraining from sharing it or storing it where it could be associated with your user account.
Should you suspect unauthorized access to your password or user account, you must notify us promptly.

Furthermore, we reserve the right to terminate your access to the Services at any time if we determine that you are in violation of the Terms or if there is a security threat.

3. Utilization of the Services

The Services may only be utilized in compliance with the Terms and any instructions provided by us from time to time, such as communications via the Services or direct messages to you. Moreover, the Services must only be used in accordance with applicable laws and in a manner deemed appropriate. This entails refraining from actions such as:
engaging in criminal activities;
defaming, harassing, discriminating against, threatening, or otherwise infringing upon the rights of others;
disseminating inappropriate, vulgar, offensive, dishonest, unsuitable, racist, pornographic, or sexist material;
transmitting material without proper authorization, including trade secrets, insider information, or confidential data;
sending unsolicited advertising such as spam;
altering or reverse-engineering software included in our services;
introducing harmful code to our services or disrupting their functionality;
misrepresenting your identity or connection with others;
violating applicable data protection laws; or
infringing upon intellectual property rights.
You must ensure that any material you share via the Services does not infringe upon the rights of others. We reserve the right to delete your content at any time without prior notice if it violates the Terms.

4. Accessibility and Security

We strive to maintain the accessibility, security, and reliability of our services. However, as user-generated content comprises a significant portion of the Services, they are susceptible to various security risks inherent in internet-based platforms. Thus, you acknowledge and accept the possibility of interruptions or faults in the Services due to maintenance, upgrades, bugs, or other planned or unplanned circumstances. Moreover, your use of the Services carries the risk of exposure to offensive or inaccurate material, spam, password breaches, harassment, forgery, or unauthorized data access.

5. Customer Support

For inquiries regarding the use of the Services, you may contact our customer support team. Contact details and support hours are available on our website.

6. Violation of Terms

While we trust that you will utilize our services in accordance with the Terms, failure to do so resulting in claims, losses, damages, costs, or expenses on our part necessitates compensation from you.

7. Limitation of Liability

Except for legal liabilities that cannot be excluded by law, we are not liable for indirect losses such as loss of income, profits, contracts, production, goodwill, or data. We also disclaim responsibility for third-party content provided via the Services.

8. Third-party Services and Content

We are not responsible for third-party services essential for accessing the Services, nor for material created by third parties, including links to external websites or services.

9. Force Majeure

Neither party is accountable for faults or delays in fulfilling obligations under the Terms due to uncontrollable circumstances, including but not limited to internet or network interruptions, labor disputes, or regulatory changes.

10. Intellectual Property Rights

All intellectual property rights pertaining to us, our website, and our services remain our or our licensors’ property. Your use of the Services does not entail the transfer of any intellectual property rights.

11. Personal Data

We prioritize the protection of your personal data. Detailed information on data handling is available in our Privacy Policy, which forms part of these Terms.

12. Communication

Communication may be directed to info@sattelite.eu. We will contact you via the postal or email address provided by you.

13. Amendments to Terms

Any amendments to the Terms will be communicated to you, with changes taking effect one month thereafter.

14. Transfer of Services

We reserve the right to transfer the provision of the Services to another company within our group, with all rights and obligations remaining applicable.

15. Termination

Either party may terminate the agreement at any time by notifying the other. Upon termination, your user account will be closed, and access to the Services revoked.

16. Applicable Law and Disputes

The Terms are governed by Swedish law, and disputes will be resolved by the general courts, with Stockholm District Court as the initial venue.