Terranet Achieves Breakthrough in Driver Assistance Systems with Successful BlincVision Tests

    Terranet AB (publ) has successfully conducted tests of its driver assistance system, BlincVision, at the AstaZero test facility, demonstrating significant potential for improving road safety.

    Innovation in testing

    In collaboration with AstaZero, an independent test facility approved by Euro NCAP, Terranet has developed new testing methods for advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS). The testing environment at AstaZero is unique for its variety of traffic settings, which allows for the evaluation of safety systems in scenarios such as obscured views of pedestrians and cyclists.

    The recent trials at AstaZero have shown that BlincVision can significantly enhance the accuracy and responsiveness of current driver support systems under realistic conditions, thereby adding substantial value to the market.

    Looking ahead

    Despite the widespread presence of advanced driver-assistance systems—70% of cars involved in pedestrian accidents are equipped with them—many accidents still occur, especially with unprotected road users. The results from Terranet highlight the urgent need to further improve these systems to enhance safety for all road users.

    This initiative by Terranet and AstaZero marks a significant advancement in the development of technologies that make roads safer for everyone, driving forward the innovation needed to effectively protect vulnerable road users.


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    David Zingmark
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