The New Era for Sustainable Electronics

    BeFC, a pioneering French company in sustainable electronics, has achieved a major milestone by successfully securing €16 million in Series A funding. This achievement comes three years after the company’s start and signifies a significant step forward in changing the electronics industry. Supported by notable investors like Otium Capital, this funding will enable BeFC to move into the industrial phase and continue its mission of creating eco-friendly and cost-effective electronics. 

    The new era of electronic sustainability

    BeFC are at the forefront of the movement to make electronics more eco-friendly. They’ve developed a unique technology that offers a green alternative to traditional batteries. Instead of harmful materials, BeFC uses paper-based biofuel cells and eco-friendly microelectronics. This not only reduces environmental harm but also opens up new possibilities for collecting data. These innovations can secure supply chains, optimize work processes, and enhance safety, all while saving money and reducing environmental risks.

    The €16 million funding is a major milestone for BeFC. Dr. Jules Hammond, BeFC’s CEO & Co-founder, expressed gratitude for the strong support from investors. This financial boost is essential for BeFC to move into the industrial phase, where they can ramp up production and make their technology accessible to more people.

    Progress from early stages

    BeFC began its journey with a €3 million seed round in 2020. Then the company was able to build pilot production facilities, expand its patent portfolio significantly, and demonstrate the advantages of its technology in various industries. The Series A funding will further empower BeFC to solidify its strategy, engage more with customers, and explore new areas of the market.

    A global outlook

    With a dedicated team of 45 professionals, BeFC has its eyes set on global expansion, particularly in North America and Asia. The company aims to collaborate with industry leaders and continue pushing the boundaries of sustainable electronics.

    BeFC’s achievement of €16 million in Series A funding is a clear sign of the promising future of sustainable electronics. As the world increasingly seeks ecofriendly solutions for our digital needs, BeFC’s technology is in the right place. It will with no question accelerate their journey toward mass production and international recognition, bringing us closer to a greener and more sustainable electronics industry.

    David Zingmark
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