Transforming Dental Care with Ai

    Mimetrik, a dental tech company, has secured £2 million (approximately €2.3 million) in seed funding to advance its cutting edge AI driven dental solutions. The company originally stemming from the University of Leeds, has harnessed more than ten years of cutting-edge research from the University’s School of Dentistry. Their main innovation is a high-tech 3D scanning system that uses machine learning to create digital images of a patient’s teeth and face.

    New methods

    The company’s big aim is to create a complete digital connection between dental labs and dentists. They want to replace the current slow and expensive method of making physical models of each patient’s teeth. What they’re working towards is a future where dental treatments are much more accurate, quicker, and easier to get.

    Decades of research

    Mimetrik’s founding team, consisting of experts like Professor Andy Keeling, Dr. Alyn Morgan, Dr. Cecilie Osnes, and Professor David Wood, brings a wealth of experience in clinical dentistry, 3D scanning, and computer science to the forefront. Their backgrounds include collaborations with global dental manufacturers and significant contributions to shaping national dental policies, highlighting their commitment to revolutionizing the field. Dr. Alyn Morgan, Co-Founder, and CEO of Mimetrik, expressed his optimism, drawing on his 30 years of clinical dentistry experience. And also, based on his own experience seeing how long and expensive traditional methods can be, he believes that their products can change the industry for the better and, most importantly, improve patient care.

    Mimetrik’s recent funding success signals an exciting new chapter in dental care. Their AI-powered solutions have the potential to make dental treatments more efficient, cheaper, and more accurate. This will improve patient care and has the potential to change the whole dental industry.

    David Zingmark
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