Impressive Sales of Transiro Holding’s Leading Route Planning System

    Specializing in digital order management for transport and logistics, Transiro Holding achieved a milestone in the first two months of 2024 with Klartext sales totaling 610,000 SEK—covering licenses, installation, and training. This completely contrasts the 167,000 SEK recorded for all of 2023, highlighting the product’s significant development.

    Key points:

    • Klartext’s sales for January and February 2024 reached 610,000 SEK.
    • This signifies a substantial increase compared to the entire year of 2023, reflecting significant upward growth.
    • Monthly support and license revenues contribute an additional 20,000 SEK each month.
    • Deals include both new customer agreements and expanded licenses for existing clients.
    • Stock ticker symbol: TIRO
    • Stock exchange: Nordic SME

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