Treeapp: Plant a Tree Anywhere in the World with the Tap of Your Phone

    Have you ever imagined planting a tree across the world, right from your smartphone, in just one minute? With Treeapp, that dream has become a reality. This ultra-sustainable startup, born from the minds of three London Business School graduates – Godefroy Harito, Jules Buker, and Leo Ng – in 2019, is on a mission to reforest the planet, one tap at a time. Let’s dive into the story of Treeapp and how it’s making a global impact.

    Seeding the idea: Treeapp’s inception

    The journey of Treeapp began with a powerful idea: to empower individuals to make a tangible difference in the fight against deforestation. In April 2020, just in time for Earth Day, the app officially launched, inviting users from around the world to join their reforestation movement.

    230,000 Trees planted in year one

    Within its very first year, Treeapp achieved something remarkable – the planting of 230,000 trees across the globe. This impressive milestone reflects the collective power of individuals coming together for a common cause: to heal our planet.

    How Treeapp works: Making reforestation accessible

    Treeapp’s brilliance lies in its simplicity. Customers select a reforestation project they wish to support, and with a few taps, they plant a tree. What makes this process even more incredible is that users can track the global impact of their actions – for free.

    Treeapp’s secret sauce? Partnerships. The startup collaborates with businesses and organizations worldwide that share their passion for sustainability. These partnerships provide the necessary resources to keep the reforestation mission alive and thriving.

    Ambitions as vast as the forests we hope to grow

    Treeapp’s ambitions are as vast as the forests they aim to grow. Their vision goes beyond planting trees; they aspire to plant millions of trees every single day. However, they understand the enormity of the task at hand – solving deforestation requires urgent and significant change, a challenge that can’t be tackled in isolation.

    Your impact, one ad at a time

    While Treeapp has already achieved great feats, they recognize that there’s always more we can do individually to protect our environment. Treeapp encourages everyone to take that first step. By simply watching an ad, you can witness the immediate effect of your contribution towards reforestation. Your impact count grows as a direct response to the funding generated through these ads.

    Moreover, your journey with Treeapp is transparent and continuous. Your impact history remains unchanged, allowing you to see how many trees you’ve personally supported, whether through purchases or gifts. This feature lets you track your cumulative impact over time, a testament to your commitment to a greener planet.

    New Features: Expanding impact worldwide

    In their ongoing quest to make a global impact, Treeapp is expanding to new planting locations. This means that your efforts will reach even more corners of the world where reforestation is needed most.

    Additionally, Treeapp introduces the streak feature, a rewarding experience that boosts your impact. Each time you plant a tree for seven consecutive days, you receive additional impact, incentivizing a consistent commitment to reforestation.

    In conclusion, Treeapp reminds us that change begins with individuals daring to take the first step. With the power of technology and the collective will of individuals, we can make a significant impact on our environment. Every tree planted is a symbol of hope, a promise to protect our planet for generations to come. 🌳🌍📱

    Magnus Johansen
    Magnus Johansen
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