How Unibap & D-Orbit Are Shaping Next-Gen Space Technology

    On March 29, 2024, Unibap and the Italian space company D-Orbit, made a new deal worth 456 thousand euros. This deal continues their work together, which includes using Unibap’s special SpaceCloud® technology on D-Orbit’s satellite missions. Their teamwork has led to a big achievement, making their SpaceCloud® technology very reliable and proving that their new way of handling space technology works well. 

    About Unibap

    Unibap is a high-tech company offering solutions for Edge Computing and Cloud Computing in space, with a product portfolio that includes SpaceCloud® – hardware, software, and services. The company, whose quality management system is certified according to SS-EN ISO 9001:2015, is listed on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market, with the stock market symbol ‘UNIBAP’.

    About D-Orbit

    D-Orbit is a leading Italian space company specializing in satellite deployment and space logistics. Through its collaboration with Unibap, D-Orbit has integrated SpaceCloud® technology into its missions to provide high-performance data analysis and storage capabilities in space.


    Unibap’s advancements in its collaboration with D-Orbit highlight the company’s ability to deliver cutting-edge space technology solutions. Achieving Technology Readiness Level 9 with SpaceCloud® iX5 demonstrates Unibap’s strong position in the market for Edge Computing in space.

    Unibap’s growth and financial results for 2023 showcase a significant increase in net revenue, despite challenges such as paused projects and negative impacts on revenues in the fourth quarter. The company’s successful rights issue and new orders indicate positive future expectations among investors and partners.


    With net revenue increasing by 127% in 2023 and an ambition to achieve 50% growth in 2024, Unibap presents itself as an attractive investment opportunity. The company’s strategic focus on the space market and opportunities within Edge Computing could offer significant long-term upside for investors.

    Unibap’s goals for 2024, including consolidating operational capability and achieving technical maturity, along with an expected growth of 30-50% annually in the coming years, point towards continued strong development.

    Unibap is looking at a promising future with continued focus on technical innovation and market expansion. Their recent successes and strategic plans indicate a solid foundation for growth and development in the space industry.

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